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Wallet API docs

How to connect Wallet RPC API

This page will help you get connect Wallet RPC API.

  • EvoX command-line wallet application (simplewallet) can be run in RPC server mode.

  • In this mode it can be controlled by RPC calls via HTTP.

  • This makes possible to use it as a back end for an arbitrary service.

  • In order to start the wallet in RPC server mode, a user needs the following :

1 . Run evoxd (the daemon application)

2 . Run simplewallet with the following options :

simplewallet --wallet-file PATH_TO_WALLET_FILE --password PASSWORD --rpc-bind-ip RPC_IP --rpc-bind-port RPC_PORT --daemon-address DEAMON_ADDR:DAEMON_PORT
  • PATH_TO_WALLET_FILE — path to an existing wallet file (should be created before using --generate-new-wallet);

  • PASSWORD — wallet’s password;

  • RPC_IP — IP address to bind RPC server to ( will be used if not specified);

  • RPC_PORT — TCP port for RPC server;

  • DEAMON_ADDR:DAEMON_PORT — daemon address and port (may be omitted if the daemon is running on the same machine with the default settings);

  • All examples below are given in assumption that the wallet application is running in RPC server mode and listening at

  • All amounts and balances are represented as unsigned integers and measured in atomic units — the smallest fraction of a coin.

  • 1 coin is equal to 10^12 atomic units.