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Integrated address

Integrated addresses for exchanges

Starting the daemon and the wallet application as RPC server

  • Unlike Bitcoin, CryptoNote family coins have different, more effective approach on how to handle user deposits.

  • An exchange generates only one address for receiving coins and all users send coins to that address.

  • To distinguish different deposits from different users the exchange generates random identifier (called payment ID) for each one and a user attaches this payment ID to his transaction while sending.

  • Upon receiving, the exchange can extract payment ID and thus identify the user.

  • In original CryptoNote there were two separate things: exchange deposit address (the same for all users) and payment ID (unique for all users).

  • Later, for user convenience and to avoid missing payment ID we combined them together into one thing, called integrated address.

  • So nowadays modern exchanges usually give to a user an integrated address for depositing instead of pair of standard deposit address and a payment ID.

Note !!!

For more information on how to handle integrated addresses, please refer to RPCs make_integrated_address and split_integrated_address below