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Proof Of Stake mining

Proof Of Stake (POS)

  • Proof-of-stake mining or POS for short is typically implemented such that a random coin owner obtains the right to sign a new block.
  • EvoX POS implementation keep miners in full anonymity and simple with a push of a button.
  • Open EvoX app, make sure the blockchain is synchronised and turn ON Staking switch.
  • You can observe your progress in the Staking tab of your staking wallet.
  • The amount of earnings depends on the wallet balance.
  • Amount of earnings depends also of how many user are running PoS.
  • When you turn Staking OFF, balance will get unlocked right away.
  • You can switch Staking ON and OFF without any limitations.

Server mode POS mining

  • In some cases it would be convenient to do POS mining without application running.

  • Here are steps to achieve it.

    1 . Build EvoX daemon (evoxd executable) following instructions

    2 . Navigate to Evox folder

    3 . Start evoxd daemon (service)

    4 . Start wallet daemon in RPC mode

    simplewallet --wallet-file WalletFile --password WalletPassword --rpc-bind-port=12233 --do-pos-mining
    • WalletFile -- the wallet file name
    • WalletPassword -- the password of the wallet that is in use
    • 12233 -- port of your choice, e.g. 12233


Now this wallet now participates in proof-of-stake mining.