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Solo mining

  • The EvoX daemon features an internal stratum-like server that can serve miner clients via the ethProxy protocol.
  • It works like a very light and simple pool that mines to a single address.

    • To run a GPU miner with the internal EvoX stratum server follow these steps :

      1 . build the daemon (evoxd executable)

      2 . run the daemon with an activated stratum server

      3 . run the GPU or CPU miner connected to the daemon

  • Once all started, the miner should connect to the daemon and receive a job from it.

  • Upon finding a solution, the miner should send it to the daemon and the daemon should confirm the solution.
  • Both can run on remote machines.

Windows quick guide

  • First, install the EvoX app, create a EvoX wallet and wait until blockchain syncing is complete.
  • When syncing is complete close the app.

    • In order to mine, EvoX must be started with the stratum server activated.
      • Open a cmd console window and navigate to the Evox folder

        C:\Program Files\Evox by default

  • Here in the folder run

evoxd.exe --stratum --stratum-miner-address=YourWalletAddress --log-level=0 --stratum-bind-port=52500